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Focus Morbi

Morbi is known for two basic categories of products, namely, ceramics and clocks. It can be termed as the ceramic capital of India as is proudly known. Morbi, though appears to be a small town in the Gujarat state of India, it is a major capital creator of the country. It has fresh investment of approximately USD 1 Billion. In a country like India this is great considering that most of the players are in the MID CAP or SMALL CAP category. There is a vast number of established as well as upcoming projects.

How is this useful business proposition?

Every industrial project, existing or in conception, both need machinery and material to run. India, now an open economy permits the importers to procure low cost high quality material from the international market. Every producer of such supplies is looking for a reliable player to act as a bridge for its supplies to INDIA. Every industrialist needs a supplier who can provide him with cost-effective procurements. THIS IS WHERE WE STEP IN.

Management of Stonex international has strong relations and network with the manufacturers in these sectors. They also have a stable international base. Strategically, these two strengths combine to give them the edge in the international markets.